Steel Division Normandy 44 PC DVD UK IMPORT REGION FREE

Ikaron #ad - Each unit lost presents a growing tactical disadvantage, and players will need to fight to gain - and keep the upper hand. Real-world setting: using the latest version of eugen's iriszoOM engine, players can smoothly zoom from a tactical aerial view all the way down to a single unit, and see 400 different real-world vehicles and units designed with careful historical detail and accuracy.

Please note this product will not work in Germany. Maps are designed based on actual aerial reconnaissance photos of Normandy in 1944, requiring real-world tactics and strategies to cover and control. Steel division: normandy 44 is a tactical real-time Strategy game, puts players in command of detailed, historically accurate tanks, troops, and vehicles at the height of World War II.

Steel Division Normandy 44 PC DVD UK IMPORT REGION FREE #ad - . Real-world tactics: battles rage over three distinct phases, where different units unlock over time, mimicking the movements of real-world armies and adding variety to the ever-changing theatre of war. Players can measure their tactical skills against several opponents in big multiplayer battles or against enemies in a challenging single-player campaign.

Command over 400 historically accurate Units: From commanding historically accurate infantry, and vehicles, tanks, to troop positioning and real-time engagement with the enemy. Outplan, winning battles requires cunning and strategy, Outgun: From battlegroup customisation to troop positioning and maneuvering, Outsmart, not just raw firepower.

Pin down your opponent's infantry to gain the advantage and force a retreat, or push through with a perfectly executed plan. A dynamic front line illustrates the ebb and flow of the conflict.

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PC - Sudden Strike 4 PC DVD

Kalypso Media 669 #ad - Pit yourself against other commanders in the competitive multiplayer mode. Command more than 100 authentic units - including the Konigstiger tank, the Katyusha rocket launcher and the Hawker Typhoon fighter plane. Three campaigns with over 20 missions test your tactical skills and determine the outcome of significant WWII battles.

As one of nine commanders, lead your army on the battlegrounds of the biggest military conflict in history. Sudden strike is back! the beloved real time strategy series returns, more units, this time with bigger battlefields, better graphics, new scenarios and legendary commanders with individual abilities - all of which makes Sudden Strike 4 more tactical and realistic than ever before! Sudden Strike 4 sends you off on three extensive campaigns set amongst the battlefields of World War 2.

PC - Sudden Strike 4 PC DVD #ad - Prove your strategic expertise in over 20 demanding single player scenarios, the challenge-focused skirmish mode and the ultra-competitive multiplayer mode. Sudden strike 4 offers countless ways to vanquish your opponents. Excellence will be rewarded through a unique reward system, where successfully completing missions will unlock exclusive content, such as historical film footage from the era.

In a first for the sudden strike series, such as George Patton or Bernard Montgomery, you can now choose from one of nine individual commanders, who will each allow for different approaches to combat and boast unique abilities. Exploit the weak spots of tanks, set up an ambush, occupy buildings with infantry, outmaneuver the enemy with clever positioning or unleash devastating air strikes - how you approach each mission is up to you! Sudden strike 4 offers realistic real-time strategy gameplay with tactical depth and a historical setting.

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